May 31, 2009

Begin Again

I pour water on my face
I begin today
As an adult
Although I've been one
I choose now to say
I make my choices not following another person's steps
No cheating, anger, or divorces
No forgetting where I slept
I'll remember my past but it's not all I am
I'll remember how fast time went by like storm winds
I won't forget what's made me ME but I will forget the pain
Growing up making choices it's time for me to up my range
Range of thought
Range of will
Range of confidence in myself
I've done some wrong things in the past
They say they've forgiven me
Now I forgive myself
I bow my head
I stand and see the sun
The blue sky is so clear like the life I've begun
To live as a result of...
My choices
My desires
My passion
My goals
No person will ever again take away any of those
I get to do it right
Right now
Watch me as I go
As I grow
As I show
As I climb mountains
Reach levels

YES+ ROCKZ..................

May 16, 2009

On his birthday at Bimmerale Hall, Oppenau near Bad Antogast, where people from almost every country were present, Guruji asked for a birthday gift from all of us. He said that all of you have to give me a birthday gift. You all have to promise that each of you will realize how beautiful you are.When you see yourself as beauty,divinity dawns and truth gets realized.This is satyam shivam sundaram, we will go reverse, beauty first, then divinity and then truth. He also said that we should ask others whether they feel they are beautiful or not. If they say no, then tell them that whatever they do will also be ugly. If you feel beautiful everything you do will be beautiful, and you will spread beauty around you.If you feel ugly,you need to do Sohum,Sohum..and you feel clean again is'nt it?

He said when he first came to europe what attracted him most were the yellow colour wild flowers growing all over the landscape. He said that everybody does not see and appreciate them but that is not the flowers' problem. Similarly if people do not see your beauty it is their foolishness, that is
not your problem ;)  

He said the sign of intelligent people is that the
y spend their time in celebration, fun, music and introspection. Foolish people spend time in complaints and addictions. He looked around at the celebration around him ( a four storied cake, water pistol, flowers, music and dance from almost every country) and said,
"so we all are intelligent".

May 13, 2009

Sagar mein Ek leher uuthi tere naam kii ......

It's Bday of the divine !!!

what a wonderful moment .

"Happy birthday to the one in us who is never born and never die and whose love prevails for ever"

I always make a point to read this couple of lines @ Nupur Zankar

sab dharti kagaj karu,
lekhan ban ray,

saat samundar ki maas karu,

guru guna likha na jaye,

Even if we imagine entire earth as paper,
trees as pens,
the seven sea as ink,
still the glories of guru cant be written.

Such is the greatness of guru !!!!

AppY BuDDay Guruji !!!!!!!!!!

Hugs lov and Gratitude :)

May 12, 2009

We were here last 4 days witnessing an important historical moment. Guruji was showering pearls of wisdom in abundance on all of us.

He said Knowledge has two aspects understanding and experience, both are important. He gave the example that eating sugar one can experience sweetness but may not understand it as sweetness, or one may understand what sweetness is but have no experience of the same, in both cases knowledge is incomplete.

Our master was blessing us with both, sometimes experience came 1st and then words followed and sometimes words followed experience. Today morning after meditation I experienced a cooling sensation in the entire body, felt as if I just took a bath in holy Ganges in its freezing cold water. Felt as if loads of dirt has washed away and I was left crystal clean for those momentsJ


Guruji would give profound knowledge in the morning and evening and during afternoon it was time for Fun! Today’s highlight! We went to a mountain peak 8000 feet high on a cable car with Guruji. Details are a surpriseJ  which will be told when I meet you all. Can’t wait to share this experience with you in Mumbai.


Will leave you with some snaps…



Its very nice to read your comments and it inspires me to share more with you




May 10, 2009

Today is Buddha Poornima.Guruji said on this very day Buddha was born, he attained enlightenment and took Samadhi. Its a Great Day to start such beautiful knowledge, which Guruji said is one of the oldest Upanishads.
"Ishavasya Upanishads". "I(E)" means energy in Sanskrit and "sha" means all permeating...

Guruji is giving very precious knowledge and today he covered 6 verses of Ishavasya upanishad out of 18 verses . I am taking notes to share with all of you.

A pic with Bau's teacher,Rajshree Patel. Oh! she is just fabulous.
This ones for you Bau:)


May 8, 2009

Arosa – Switzerland 

7th May2009

How to describe a place which God himself recommends to go. A story behind this sentence.

In the last trip in December to German ashram while walking with Guruji Siddharth told him our plans to visit Switzerland . At that time Guruji asked Siddharth “ha Switzerland mein kha ja rahe ho and then he said Go to Arosa ,it’

s a very nice place”


So you can imagine how this place may be which Guruji calls nice

As soon as we arrived here after a tiring train journey of 4 hours, more tiring because we changed 3 trains to reach here with our extremely heavy luggage ,we were picked up by our very sweet volunteers at the station. And then we landed in the most comfortable 5 star accommodations I have ever been to. When we checked in ,Siddharth asked the lady on the reception(Denise) how would be the view from my room, and she replied, I don’t know it may be a surprise. And this is what we saw when we stepped in.



Wow! We just forgot that we were tired . The excitement of meeting Guruji was making me feel butterflies in the stomach. I was laughing and giggling as I was feeling ticklish in the stomach.

And the moment arrived





We couldn’t have asked for more. As we were now going for a walk with Guruji. We went up the mountains in cars. And where we steeped out, we met Bhanu di. Bhanu di pointed her finger towards a hotel and said Guruji came to this place 31 years back with Maharishiji.



A pic of the walk…

I told Guruji all our yes + students wanted to come with us. And they will be joining you at ballyJ He smiledJ



Will keep writing more..



May 6, 2009

Bonigen - Switzerland

If I had to define paradise by my imagination it would look like Bonigen (Switzerland) ,where I am staying now. From my balcony I see clouds embracing snow covered mountains, a silent lake adorned with ducks and swans,a small park with lush green grass and colorful flowers and the inviting benches fac

ing the lake. Its so quite here that I can h

ear the sound of moving tree leafs and the chirping birds. Everything around here has been gifted with breathtaking beauty, even the wild flowers and the insects. It feels as if God was in true love and he was celebrating its joy when he created this place.

I am sharing with you just a small glimpse of what I saw in last two days, hoping you would enjoy seeing some of the pics. Will be posti

ng mo


 pics as the days go by. As I cannot wait to share this with you allJ



May 4, 2009

Come To Me. . .

A beautiful part of a beautiful poem written by himself...
A thousand blessings on your way,
Dont get stuck, walk through them,
Beyond the Heaven is my abode,
Come to me, come to me

Angels will be ready to serve you,
crown you with the highest
Dont stop before that

Beyond the heaven is my abode
Come to me, come to me

Boys and girls, eyes and noses,

hair and dresses,cookies and sweets and chocolates,
Pass them on,Smiling and dancing,
Come to me, Come to me

You will return back from there to HELL!

Dont get stuck in heaven
come to me, come to me

P.S: If you wan to know the meaning of this masterpiece, then pl follow Rendezvous with Rashmin..Rashmin has explained it in a magnificent way...MUST READ
P.P.S : You can find it on the "My Blog List" section of this blog which is situated on the right hand side ...


Finally i hav a good small guru story.

I was all sad that i was encouraging others to vote but had no idea about my voting card details..!!
by 29th I was all sure that i wont b voting this time and believe u me on the afternnon of 29th an uncle frm my building rang my bell and handed me a slip with all my voting booth details on it.
He said he was goin thru the receipts in d local voting centre and he from some corner of their dumped receipts saw my slip and thot of giving it to me.
He said he believed that i wud b clueless about it as it was my 1st time.
It isnt hard to believe that guruji had knocked my door that day!
Now wen i went to my entire area of voting, mine was the last name....the very last name in the list!!
I was thrilled!!!!
Also my departure for jaipur was earlier for 26th but dad refused and asked me to come later on 30th due to some of his pending office wrk he wantd me to finish...since i had no idea of d voting card i saw no point waiting til 30th wen most d family's already there...But i realize now...everything is happening!!! U R not the Doer..!!


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