Dec 4, 2008

Good Morning Mumbai!!!

The day started with a slightest feeling of anxiety and fear as it was my exam today. The day passed by and so did the exam (it was good enough for me to attempt around 70-75 marks…)
I had no clue after I left the examination hall what Guru has in store for me… as u guys know, Jainil had sent some message regarding the gathering at the gateway of India…I did not take it seriously at all then, but some of my friends did…
First I resisted to go but then something in me took me over there all the way from Byculla to the very famous Gate Way Of India…yeah, The scene, where few terrorists had attacked the Taj Mahal Hotel..

The traffic was crazzy….. Leaving the taxi in there, we decided to reach on foot which was almost a Kilometer and a half away…
I could see all the youth heading towards Gateway....”Itne sare log, I am surprised!!” , was the only thing in my mind…
But as soon as we reached outskirts of Gateway…mannn ….
The scene took me right away into the text book of History where I could only remember Gandhiji and followers protesting against the British…

It was Amazing!!!!!!

Thousands of youth protesting against Government, shouting “Bhaarat Mata ki Jai”, “Vande Mataram”,…We sang Jana Gana Mana too….One of the best was “Gully Gully mein shor hai, Paakistaan Chor hai….” And many others..
Even I did not stay behind in cursing the neighbor and our proud Govt…lol

i was really impressed by this !!


Very truely said.....>>>

<<<<...........An agitated youth

Somebody was missing in the rally....

u guessed it right, Mr Marathi Manoos and his Goondas...

That street, screaming at the peak of the voice, did not discriminate between a Maharashtrian or North Indian and neither a Muslim….
My friend Muffadal was also one of the protesters to raise the voice against Pak…and then I realized it is not the religion, but patriotism…that binds every Indian…
From my childhood I have been hearing and reading about ‘Unity in Diversity’, even written essays on this topic…and its now that I have understood its meaning…
But then, it some how gave me a feeling that this is the time to do something for the nation…
As Bawa said it right “Get the present Jokers out”
The best way to help our nation is to become leaders…to become leaders in whatever initiative we take…. And VOTE; ofcourse…This is what I think….

We lit 3 candles in the name of Martyrs and policemen who lost their lives….

While returning back, I had a view of the Hotel.. I could only remember was the video clips shown by news channels of terrorists attacking from the window…I was able to locate was in no way a good site to look at….
But I was a bit happy for the nation. People have started taking politics, terrorism seriously and talking in pure give & take terms. People have become more aware of the situation. Especially the youth…

As Mumbai sleeps tonite, i know that it has started rising up from the deep sleep which was prevalent since years….
At this point we don’t have to let it go….It just needs a little support….

And for that reason, Guruji is there, right within us…..
Jai Hind!!
Jai Gurudev !!!

With Best Regards N Luv

P.S : Pl post in your comments about anything that u feel for the current scenario..


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