Aug 28, 2008


Hurrrraaaaaayyyy!!!!! Finally Zone-5 has its own blog and it couldn't get better than this. The advent of this blog with bites of knowledge from our dear Krishna's Happy Birthday!!

We will not get into the position of moon and other heavenly planets during the time he was born, so the meaning of 'ashtmi' is skipped willingly. (I don't think you really want to know what ashtmi means- according to me its the 8th day of something.) Whats important is not when and how was he born, neither its important to know who he is - I mean, ofcourse he is GOD but then, why do some of us have to spend our lives to know him more and more. Important is that how much craving you have for him, that longing for him, be it as a friend, as a mother, sister, brother or for that matter even as your enemy. Legend has it that all the rakshasas (demons) who were killed by Krishna were liberated. Not only because they were killed by him but also because they had the longing to harm him, and yes..the longing was pure.

So with all that longing, we celebrate this day to commemorate the begining of an era that taught people to be mischieveous and to be wise at the same time. Na na..not Guruji..this time Krishna.
And when there is a team comprising of youthful, cheerful, dynamic... bla bla bla kind of people, then the celebration is at its peak.
Yes, we are talking about our YES!+ team which manaofied Janmashtmi in a very ecstatic way.
It was like 'sone pe suhaga' to have this day come on Sunday (sorry to all folks who were disappointed by the loss of a holiday) as we had our long sudarshan kriya on sudarshan chakradhari's birthday. The long kriya was followed by a rocking satsang by KRISH (now how coincidental can that be!).
Krish's chords and Virat's Egyptian drum (we call it damru!!) had intoxicated us with bliss and we were no less than gopis dancing in ecstacy to get the slighest glimpse of the divine.

The Longing.... ....And the Love
By now, all of us had our 7th chakra rolling and janmashtmi was half way through. And whats janmashtmi without Dahi Handi...
The Yes!+ team defying all the impossibilites of doing a 'govinda' in the small lane ahead of Nupur Jhankar hall, were all set with the dahi handi skillfully tied with one end on the tree and the other end on the terrace. Afer some unsuccesful attempts, the team effort finally paid off and Jainil was the proud Govinda. The day was concluded by virat's drum and 'govinda ala re..' in the background. If you were ever a part of this dahi handi breaking group(i was one of them!), you would know how disgusting you smell after that dahi spilling all over you. Even that repelling smell did not stop us from greeting our fellow mates by a tight hug(don't do it with some1 whom you dont know-he might just puke on you because of that smell).
Now that this was our first ever blog, I want all you guys reading it, to leave a comment.
Jai Gurudev!!


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