Apr 28, 2009

Our inspiration to "VOTE"

Now guys you need no more inspiration to vote than this one.
When "HE" can take out time from his super busy schedule to VOTE so u can also spare some time for your country and VOTE.
So go out and cast your vote and you know who to vote.
Jai Gurudev!

Apr 26, 2009


Santa @ his bEst!!
Santa is driving a jeep in Jungle.
Tourist: If a wild Lion follows very close to us then how wil we escape??
sAnta: oye simple! Give a right indicator and take a left turn!!

"Blackmailing in new sTyle!"
eMployee: Sir, agar apne meri salary nahi badhai toh main sare office mein jaa kar bata doonga ki aapne meri salary badha di hai!!!!....

tErrorists have hijacked a plane full of iNdian politicians and have declared that if their demands are not met they wil release a politician every single hour!!!!!

Apr 25, 2009


As a part of VOTE FOR CHANGE campaign, we got an opportunity of doing door-to-door campaigning in bandra. We had to cover entire bandstand on day 1 and 2 followed by the lanes surrounding Andrews auditorium and pali market on day 3. We were also handing out pamphlets at bandra station and were standing at traffic intersections and malls educating ppl and asking them to vote for change. Grand finale was concentrated in and around churchgate station.

It was my first time. I started out with trepidation in my heart. Stand in public in front of hundreds that would drive past and smirk and smile derisively? What if someone I know or knows my family sees me? Blah Blah......

Turns out I was dead wrong. Little did I know I was in for an evening of fun and adulation. As I was running along with shivangi and sukeerti from one building to another, from one bus stop to another, heart in a flutter, arms aching(carrying 2000 pamphlets), eyes trying to avoid the direct gaze of commuters that whizzed by in bikes, auto rickshaws and cars, I became a witness to the mood of a microcosm of India today.

People - young and old alike - whizzed by with thumbs raised and a broad smile on their faces. Some 15 odd uncles and aunties told us- “YOU ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW!” It’s a nice feeling….wait it’s a super duper feeling!!!! everyone should experience it 

Most of them were shocked to see the statistics given in the pamphlet. They asked –“yeh sab sacchi mein ho raha hai kya???…tv/newspaper mein toh hum kabhi nahin dekhte.” Some even wanted to check the source of the information and refused to believe. We asked them to google. None of us got intimidated. These are facts after all!
Some had-a-care-a-damn attitude.a few just threw those pamphlets without reading them.some tore them right in front of us. we just smiled back :) I gave a firm reply to the station master who had the audacity to snatch a bunch of pamphlets from my hands and throw them in the dust bin right in front of my eyes.I told him "The next 5 years are in your hands.it was my responsibility to tell you. and now its your responsibility to take a decision" He kept staring at me with his eyes wide open. he looked like the typical "ravan" of 21st century, worse than mogambo of mr india. i hated him. after being a little disappointed, we decided to move out. the crowd was entering in from outside the station. so we planned to distribute all of them outside:)big DEAL! no worries. I gave him a big EVIL smile. I desperately wanted to stick out my tongue. lol

Then it happened - my 2 minutes of fame :)
A group of youngsters in a car actually STOPPED in the middle of the traffic junction at (youngistan - you have guts I'll say) at eros cinema, yelled out at me and took a picture of me with all the pamphlets in my hand!!! Then yelling out "We will vote. keep it up! Thumbs up", they whizzed away ! Lol
Ah - My Dear Aching Arms - This was so worth it :) :) 

Arnav and jhalak even got chocolates from an aunty at bandstand isn’t it cute????

some 10,000 pamphlets were distributed in less than 2 hours around churchgate station :)

This is such an easy and fun seva. Its so important for us to take responsibility. Many drops make a mighty ocean.

And seriously - as Mahatma Gandhi said : Be The Change You Wish To See In This World !
A lot of people asked me on my way “why r u voting?” how is it going to make a difference? I gave a number of reasons to different ppl I met on my way. Finally I m blogging down my top 10 reasons. Here it goes-

10) Cos something within me says strongly that I should.

9) our future depends on us!

8) The ability to vote in a democracy is a right. Right means power. Power implies responsibility. So its my responsibility to vote.

7) I am eager to practice what the Civics books preached back in high school. All that stuff about democracy and why voting is **essential** to its success - nay survival - needs to now be practiced.

6) I firmly believe MY Vote has the power to change India. I believe that the power of good intention combined with responsible action DOES result in manifestation.

5) I am a member of the vast educated middle classes that have given up on voting and consequently democracy and consequently this country. Such cynicism has become the bane of the democratic process in India. Now the politician does not even CARE as he/she knows that all he/she needs is about 20% of the vote which can be bought with liquor, sarees, lungis, shawls, 100 rupee notes, coercion, bikes,bogus voting, just belonging to a particular caste etc. I want this to change.

4) The Bhagavad Gita says that one must not be attached to inaction. Inaction is also action. If I don't vote thinking that nobody deserves my vote, someone else casts my vote for the wrong guy and by not acting, I have actually acted in the wrong fashion. So this time the least of the evils gets my vote.

3) Being the Change ! If I don't vote, I have no right to complain when I get a paunchy, raunchy, rude, pan chewing, insolent, selfish, creepy pseudo-secular and a disgusting politician or just a failed filmstar or his/her sister or brother as my representative for the next 5 years. Even if I vote, this individual may show up, but at least I did MY bit. VOTE YA VAAT

2) I refuse to be taken for granted. I believe in secularism provided it is defined right. Democracy has been defined as the rule of the majority combined with rights of the minority. In India it has of late become "Rule of the Minority and the Majority be damned" As a member of the majority community in this country, I believe I deserve respect and equality. Not more than anyone else in this country - but certainly NOT less.

1) Guruji says so.. 

So whether you are a member of Youngistan, Middle-Ageistan or Senioristan, vote and inspire others to do so 

All of us who got an opportunity to do this seva are really lucky. it was a kickass learning experience! a brilliant groundwork seva! it crushes your ego and opens up a new dimension within you.

Jai hind!

Jai guru dev!

Apr 20, 2009


"Mumbaikars must VOTE" - A War Cry

Jainil is Voting this Year for Change......Are you ???

"VANDE MATRAM "- Voting is a our Fundamental Right and our Duty

"One Among Us - A Mumbaikar"


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