Jun 27, 2009

Journey Within - I

I always had this feeling that Guruji reads all the mails which we write to him and responds in some way. May 13th I wished him Happy B'day After fantastic satsang with Vikram Hazra !!! This was what i mailed to Guruji :

"Guruji !!!!!!!! wishing yah a very happy bday !! from all of us !! tc !! jgd !! had bin to ur party at yogi sabha gruha !! widh ma mom and dad !! was amazing !! guruji i just want u to be there all the time in ma life !!

tc and plzz come to mumbai asap !!

wud lov to hav ur mail replied once !! plzz !! wud cherish it for lifetimes "

Again 1st week of june I had a word with ma friend if Guruji doesn't come in June I am going to ashram to meet him . The next day I come to know Guruji is coming To Mumbai !! Some how he replied ma mail . 11th June was my last paper what a timing !! whooaaa !! I was the 1st one to move out of the hall . Reaching dadar there were ocean of people nothing deterred my desire to go into Yogisabhagruha hall . I some how entered the place at 7 which was next to impossible .
was to the core happy seeing him . Though I met him but it wasn't enough . Then I reached Lower Parel and I gotta know he met few people and was asleep . I had made my mind to stay back there whole night was there with Hitesh n Dhir n Sachin . Hitesh stayed back the whole nite we guys were off to our places at 12.15 feeling a bit low and down . All I wanted to do is want to be in his presence for the next whole day .

Next day mornin I reached the place where he was staying at mornin 7 and was waitng for the glimpse of the divine. At 9.30 in morning he came downstairs saw him there . Meeting him there was so nicee !!! :) The whole day we followed him From shanmukhanand hall To Rhea Pillai's place to air port !! and in all the places he made sure we were following him , hez so nice arrranges for taxi ,car, food etc just by thinking about it . Best moment arrived at Rhea Pillai's place . I was asking guruji about something and he suddenly from no where asks me about my shabby face and says " yeh kya haai saab" I was speechless and I said i will be clean shaven the next time i meet you . While following him towards the Airport we were in the car and he opened his window when he saw our car gave us blessings with the rose and in his trade mark style said mee 2 when we said lov yaa !!

Reaching Airport amidst such a huge crowd I had no clue how did I go inside the airport . breached the security with ease if I had walked 2 more steps I would have been on the flight to Bangalore . My whole episode during Guruji coming to Mumbai was like a live dream !! every wish getting fulfilled ..I was completely blissed out. I was so lucky to hav many people who were instrumental for my meet with the divine . I thank them all from bottom of my heart . Now I believe that what ever we think of he's there to fulfil it . The first thing I did on reaching home was getting a clean shave :P. Again the wicked mind started thinking about ways to go to the ashram .....

More about the ashram later...

Jai Gurudev !!

Jun 1, 2009

RACE OF LIFE ...................

Here we are at the starting line,
Waiting for a coach to give us the sign.
Which tells us the race has begun,
Which to me is the start of the fun.
This may be my first but not my last,
A challenge for the next against the past.
Now I listen to the sound of my feet,
Pounding the ground as they meet.
I think whether we are happy or nervous,
We all are running for a purpose.
I wonder what is the purpose for me,
And there is many that I see.
The main is that I can give my all,
To God who I know has the call.
I now run with people at my college,
And they to me are very cool.
We don't say a thing but we push each other,
For we know just to keep up with one another.............


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