Feb 28, 2009

To Home...and Back.

Back from his self imposed exile, he returned to the place that he called HOME.
He was loved by one and all, but thought he got more than what he was worthy of.
His mom glittered with joy as tears rolled down her cheeks; he hugged her with an assurance of a responsible son.
Dad would hide his emotions behind his ego, but they were popping out on his face.
The gleam in his eyes stood for the pride he had for his son.
His friends greeted him with an eminence of a celebrity for he would return someday was their belief.
In the midst of his warm welcome, he went ahead to surprise her with his presence.
To his surprise, it wasn’t a surprise for her, as she anticipated his return.
She was unhappy with his momentary presence, for she never wanted him to go.
The lessons of acceptance fell apart as she thought he was imprudent to understand his importance.
Then came the time when he had to depart, and he went ahead to say goodbye.
She would not face him as if she didn’t care, and asked him to leave as soon as he can.
He knew it was her love that was speaking for her.
He stood by her with a moment of silence. His wet eyes saying everything that he would never say.
He turned away from her, as the pain was awful and he couldn’t help but leave.
Back here, he lives with her memories and her love that stays with him throughout.
He lives everyday to learn this art, to love people like she did.
She had taught him The Art of Living and now he is on this quest to let people know that existing was a fact and Living is an Art.


HI all!!!
Missing you loads!!!!!
I dont know what all crap I may write in the next few lines, but I am toooooo excited to write because I found a way out of INFY's well fortified internet that restricts blogs, gmails and all fun sites. This is through my workplace I am writing this, just to slap the restrictions, rules, laws and wht not that Infy boasts of. We found some proxy sites that allowed gmail access. It is when I was reading a comment on my post by someone, that I came to know that even blogspot is accessible.
My main stream training is over, next 20 days some quality department and leadership trainings will be on. All my tests were gr8 except the last and the main test that I am afraid I might flunk!!This might have some extreme consequences :-). There is surely much to write. Now that blogger is accessible, I can pen down all the experiences and events happening around me.

Jai Gurudev
Lots of Love!!!


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