May 27, 2010

The Relevance of Geetha in my life…chapter-6, part 2.

Today is Buddha Poornima. Guruji said on this very day Buddha was born, he attained enlightenment and took Samadhi.It being such an auspicious day I thought its nice to ponder our minds over knowledge.(God knows, it may be our turn:))
Infact every single moment of life is an opportunity to learn and express that which we have learned, isn't it...

Para 3

Sanskrit :

English Book translation-To the contemplative soul who desires to attain Karmayoga, selfless action is said to be the means;for the same man when he is established in Yoga, absence of all 'Sankalpas' is said to be the way to blessedness

Para 4
Sanskrit :

English Book translation-When a man ceases to have any attachment for the objects of senses and for actions, and has renounced all ' Sankalpas', he is said to have attained Yoga.

Guruji says-For the one for whom the journey on the spiritual path has just begun ,effort is the way. For example- If I have to take a train ,I have to go to the station,buy a ticket, and sit in the right seat. This much action is needed.But once on the seat you need to relax. knowing that the train will take you there. But generally people either do nothing or they dont relax. Like people who do rosary day and night. After the stepping stone you need to let go. Effort is required to do Pranayam and then effortlessly meditation happens. Love and Happiness is given as a gift to you.Its a gift for the merits you have earned.Merits are earned through good gestures. Charity has been a part of our tradition.

We are fortunate to be provided with so many opportunities to serve in the art of living. And its our experience that the meditation becomes so much deeper when seva is done isn't it:)

Para 5,

Sanskrit :

English Book translation-One should lift oneself by one's own efforts and should not degrade oneself; for one's own self is one's friend,and one's own self is one's enemy.


Sanskrit :

English Book translation- One's own self is the friend of the soul by whom the lower self (consisting mind ,senses and body)has been conquered;even so the very self of him, who has not conquered his lower self, behaves antagonistically like an enemy.


Sanskrit :

English Book translation- The supreme Spirit is rooted in the knowledge of the self- controlled man whose mind is perfectly serene in the midst of pairs of opposites,such as cold and heat, joy and sorrow,and honour and ignominy.

Guruji says-Whether your mind acts as a friend or an enemy ,it reflects how your life is moving.Work on your own mind so that it becomes your friend ,unwavering. If mind is bombarded with multiple impressions it becomes your enemy.Depression is one such case.
On the poornima days(full moon), I have observed that the mind can be more restless than other days.Have you observed this too? And instead of blaming myself or others for the conflicting situation that may arise,I am being able to witness the play,knowing that its the moons effect on the mind and no ones fault.Now the mind does not go on a blaming trip,either blaming myself or others .
Guruji has given us the three fold path 'Seva', 'Sadhana' ,'Satsang' to be able to befriend the mind.Reminds me of the title of the movie "Taming the dragon" Even a dragon can be tamed with effort this is only our mind:)

Guruji says- Around 50% of the population is said to be depressed in the world.This is alarming . We are simply moving outwards.Its the mind which perceives through the senses.Inward journey is Yoga outward is Bhoga. Unless inward journey is taken you cannot even enjoy the outer. Nothing appeals to you. When union with inner being happens, mind becomes your friend, otherwise it can be your greatest enemy. "Save the mind at any cost" is the message of Bhagvad Geetha. If the water is still reflection can be seen. In that mind the universal mind reflects. And because you are anchored within, 'the opposite do not touch you'.

Wow! That's quite a statement Opposite do not touch you.One is centered no matter how good or bad the situation may be.And that possibility is within each one of us. Like Guruji says, only the husk has to be removed from the paddy,the rice is already there. My question to Guruji will be how much more husk is there to be removed :) ???

Guruji with Art excel kids at Arosa. YES!! that is Shashwat in the center ,the youngest art excel student in his class:)

How does he manage to look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Good in every headgear???

Our dear teachers BnD

Quiz time!!
The 1st picture of the moon at the top of this post. Where has that picture been taken from? The 1st answer with most details will win a surprise gift!!


May 18, 2010

The Relevance of Geetha in my life…chapter-6

8th May 2010, I found myself surrounded by yet another crowd gathered in Arosa, a town which is best suited to represent heaven. In the midst of snow covered mountains, was the meditation hall called Krishna hall (by AOL people), where the modern day Krishna sat, one more time to explain the 6th Chapter of Bhagvad Geetha

Guruji began to explain…..
Geetha means a song. Krishna sung the Geetha to Arjuna .
WOW!! Imagine being in the middle of a battle ground, the biggest war ever witnessed by mankind at that time, surrounded by weapons, on both sides warriors of highest rank gathered ready to shed blood for their cause and here, our dear Krishna right in the middle singing away to Glory.

Only one who has mastered the five senses, the intellect, the memory & the ego, who rests only in the self, for the one for whom all is a play is capable of such ease, such poise, such strength of mind.

When I look at Guruji all those qualities come alive. The ease with which he carries himself through one action to another, weather its an address to highly intellectual group , or a bunch of religious fanatics , or a group of devotees for whom only love & no reason exists. He is completely rested & so aware. WOW!! This is to aspire for.
He continues to explain as babies we were free, but as we grew we were surrounded by conflicts. Conflicts between choices, And sometimes these choices can be very Very VERY confusing (like being in Mahabharata yudh) that is where having an enlightened master, who demonstrates the highest possibility of human consciousness through his actions, can help by showing the right path.

Chapter-6 Dhyana-yoga

English Book Translation: One who is unattached to the fruits of his work and who works as he is obligated is in the renounced order of life, and he is the true mystic: not he who lights no fire and performs no work.

Krishna says – One who acts without expecting fruit of action is a Yogi. Guruji tells exactly how you do this, There are two attitudes while performing any action. 1. Performing an action expecting joy out of it. 2. Doing an action as an expression of joy.

I have observed this many times myself. It’s a very thin line but makes a lot of difference to the quality of mind. As in the 1st case the mind may become feverish, restless, sometimes greedy as a result the speech or the action may become pervert & leave you empty handed.

Yogi is one who’s actions are an expression of joy.

He explained, you do care about the result “Thats why you are performing” but you are not dependent on the result to give you joy.

An action is fruitful in both cases, An action giving adverse result can help you in improving or enhancing some skills in you. And if result is of your choice it gives you satisfaction.
Double edged sword.
“WOW did you ever think of it this way,I didn’t !”. Meaning if we perform our duty its only win win ☺.
Para – 2 Sanskrit: English Book Translation: Arjuna, you must know that what they call sannyasa is no other than yoga; for none becomes a Yogi, who has not abandoned his "Sankalpas" (thoughts of the world)

Sankalpas keep coming to our mind, that is natural. But holding on to it does not let us rest. Before sleeping you anyways drop all sankalpas, So that you can rest. Golden principal of meditation – which is wakeful rest 1. I want nothing 2. I do nothing 3. I am nothing This is mental renunciation, Running away from the world does not make one a Yogi. The actions become effective when you are centered.

“What a Management Principal, no B- school can deliver this point as effectively, and why not ,after all it is straight out of horses mouth, oh no! God’s mouth….:) ”

Will leave you with some pictures now, for more on Bhagvad Geetha keep blogging as more is awaited soon…


Photographs courtesy-Siddharth Jhunjhunwala
Typing- Sanket Tibdewal

May 14, 2010

2 Dudes, 1 Dudett and a wild birthday party!!!

VnV is a happening zone! Meet some of our most happening people….
Folks – Please welcome our ‘DUDES’ and ‘DUDETT’ of the month! Put your hands together for Prashant, Vibhu and Purvi!! (Yayy!! Clap Clap – Cheer Cheer)! 

Prashant (aka Joshi from Dindoshi)(in white) and Vibhu (aka Khabri or Rishi Vibhudhar ji)(in purple) are the DUDES of the month because of their superb job at organizing yet another DSN in Goregaon!! Out of the 7 DSNs that have happened in Mumbai over the last 2 years, 5 have been in Goregaon – thanks to our DSN SWAT Team – Vibhu and Prashant!! This includes the most challenging SKYPE DSN!! 

It is amazing how these two are always up and enthusiastic about DSN! Never have they shy’d away from this huge responsibility! Organizing a YES!+ DSN is not a joke – you should ask these two what goes on behind the scenes! For the participants – the DSN begins the day the course starts, but for the organizers, it begins a month in advance and finishes a few days after the course ends! Even during exams you get to sleep more than when you are on the DSN team!

Of course it is possible because of the superb support they get from the entire VnV team – but none the less, they are the OTCs!! 
Special mention this time of Sunil – who impressed me thoroughly with his diligence! It was awesome how he was there every morning and effortlessly took on so many seva tasks with a smile! Mark of a great volunteer! 

And now give it up for the lady – our DUDETT of the month – PURVI!!!! (Yayyy!! Clap Clap – Cheer Cheer)!

Purvi is the DUDETT of the month because of the superb job of organizing GURUJI’s Birthday bash (read Satsang) at her magnificent bunglow and taking such good care of us (and not charging Akhil for breaking the showpiece)! Also, for the fact that although she is new to the team, she has demonstrated the zeal of an old-timer and has managed to get more than 5 registrations for our YES!+ courses!!!

Purvi – you will go a long way! (You may begin by going to the Bangalore Ashram ;)

And finally – what a time we had last night!
Guruji ko bhi Germany mein itna maza nahi aaya hoga jitna hamein yahan aaya!! (Who says I am jealous of Vasudha for being in Germany with HIM!!)

Divya's beautiful rendition of the Guru Paduka Strotram

We had more than 200 (Yeah u read it right)!!! people present, and each one of them was so obviously in bliss! The VnV Satsang Team did a super fabulous job last night!! Kudos to all the singers and musicians – Sid, Jainil, Karan, Shivangi, Dippak, Akhil, Divya, Raghav, Kuldeep and Virat!! So many people came and told me they had an amazing time!! We then celebrated Sagar’s bday with ice-cream, and later went to Juhu beach for GOLA at 1am!!

Guruji - in the form of many little angels, cutting the cake!!

Here’s to another smashing SSS Year (Seva, Sadhna, Satsang) and to many more DUDES and DUDETTS!!!! Vasu should be back soon – and I am eagerly waiting for the Guru stories and the snaps! 

Jai Gurudev!


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