Nov 27, 2008

Quotable Quotes

Some real nice phrases I came across and thought of sharing with you.

'Don't love a person if you cannot forgive his/her faults. Don't hate a person if you cannot put yourself in his/her place.'

'Enthusiasm may start a work, but it is only effort that can finish it.'

'Your words should be such that they create silence in the minds of others.'

'Silence very often is the best part of speech.'

'Connect yourself with Love if you want to connect yourself with Life.'

'Ups and Downs are part of living, Smiling 'thru them is The Art Of Living'.

Jai Gurudev!
Keep Smiling!

Nov 26, 2008

The child in us :)

Jai Gurudev! Friends,

Blogging is such a good idea, doesn’t allow physical distances to come in between hearts, wow, getting poetic already.

Been soul searching of late, (yeah going inwards is really soul satisfying and blissful.) Recently came across an article wherein Guruji was asked by someone, "What did you want to grow up to be when you were a child?" And Guruji in his inimitable style replied, "I'm still a child, when did I grow up?" (Can imagine his twinkling eyes and impish smile). This triggered off a mood of contemplation and it set me thinking, we all have a child within us – sometimes giggly, at times naughty, very often crying for attention, so often throwing tantrums, always longing for love, being playful, drooling over yummy eats, and indulging in various activities so typical of children. Most often than not, this child in us is curbed, scorned at, ridiculed, scolded and asked to behave, sometimes by the grown-up self in us and sometimes by the general populace. With passing time, this ‘asked to grow-up child’ grows to such an extent that it forgets to smile, leave alone giggle and laugh, fails to grasp the fleeting special moments that are so rare to come by, being surrounded by dark clouds of judgement forgets the art of enjoying the little colourful nuances that life holds forth, now and then.

In all our courses we are encouraged to nurture this precious and precocious child within us, yet how often do we remember to! In our own mature worlds we are so preoccupied judging people that we are left with no time to love them.

Now comes the point where I am really looking forward to those enlightening comments –
In between being ‘Childish’ and/or ‘Childlike’ – there’s a thin line dividing the two traits. The dictionaries label a childish person as someone who is immature, irresponsible, silly and frivolous while a childlike person is described as someone who is innocent, simple, candid and uncomplicated. In between the two descriptions, I’m sure we’d all like the second one, (well I certainly do, because I truly feel I’m at times too candid and of course always responsible.) Now, when we ask someone to ‘grow up’ and ‘stop being childish’, which are the traits that we are asking that individual to give up and why? Do they also include the traits of a childlike nature? Here, do we overlook all the other acts of responsibility that the said person has carried out to perfection, judging him/her over a couple of ‘silly facades’, yeah the childish trait could also be a ‘smokescreen’ a cover-up for much pain hidden inside, who knows? Who knows if the ‘displayed frivolous nature’ could be hiding an intense introvert who goes into the shell the moment he/she is out of public view, who knows what sorrows the juvenile laughter could be hiding?

Each one of us, child or adult needs a guiding hand, a symbol of hope and encouragement, a guiding light to show the way – something, someone, somewhere to assure – ‘You are not alone-I am with you, I belong to you’. Aren’t we all lucky here, to have that very special ‘Someone’. With such a mentor and enlightened master as our beacon I’m sure we can all assuredly lead the world from mortal darkness to immortal light and credit ourselves with mature acts of responsibility being thoroughly alert and aware while keeping the child within us smiling and playful.

Nov 15, 2008

Building the Guru Connection

Got a weekend after a week long session of orientation, seminars, tests etc. All the sites here are restricted. The only access I could get was this - Reliance Webworld. I have written 4-5 pages and it has become a diary writing practice for me. Every evening I pen down all the things happened on that day. Many interesting stuffs happened in the last week, all of which I have elaborated in the letter.
This place is just too beautiful. And this campus keeps expanding forever. Wanted to upload pics, but pendrives are not allowed here. Since the training hasn't started yet, I get good time to do my padmasadhna & kriya every morning. Its just too gud to start of a day with these 2 things. I hope of continuing the same schedule even after the training. Miss 'Jai Gurudev' a lot!! Also the seva & satsangs. But then, everytime I miss these things, I feel I am sent here by Guruji for a purpose. Every thing that comes to me now, I happily accept, saying - 'Hmm.. if this is what you want so be it'. Also I can see the guru connection building more stronger now. Today's kriya was quite difficult. I don't know why, but I cried a lot and kept feeling the 'Guru Shakti' around me. It was so blissful, It was like a long kriya experience. I felt so wonderful after the kriya. Perhaps this was the message that he wanted to give me. That I am here for a purpose. I nicely flaunt guruji's pic in my cell and people get amazed...'Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?? U go to listen to him?'. Back of my mind I say, I am not all that lucky to listen to him all the while. But then, during the day, I do converse with him throughout the day. Ever since I came here, I was finding some1 from AOL. I knew I'll surely meet a few as I had the faith in him.Yesterday I met this person.
I was having my dinner at the food court-1, the food court where I had never been so far. It was only yesterday that I went there. A person with tiny hair was constantly watching me. After a while, he came to me and introduced himself. He turned out to be an Ustav grad. While interviews at kanakshri, Shivangi & me had taken the orientation and he was present there. Vasudha di had pretended to be a participant (I still remember the butterflies in our stomachs when amongst the audience, Vasudha di was sitting while we were on stage!) This guy was fooled my didi saying she was rejected in the interview by us!! This was one indication that guruji gave, saying I am here with you. That was during the night. During the day, while browing the Infy library (its HUGE), I found Celebrating Silence. I had goosebums when I picked it up to read. Another sign by our guru that he is there not only in my room as a pic, but also in the knowledge pool of Infy.
My room has his pic on my study table and I do my kriya right in front of his pic. So whenever I open my eyes after the kriya, this is the first thing that I see. I remember Bawa saying that after a few months people will feel good by coming in to your room. I hope the same thing happens to me:-)
I know that coming days will be tough, especially for me coz I am from a non IT background. Again, I gear myself up to deliver my best in the testing times.
Will write more in the coming days. I miss everyone of you a lot!! Not that I am taken over by Home sickness (theres is still some time for that to come.), but the entire Yes!+ gang was a family...sorry, IS a family. Neways, wait for the letter to tell more about some good processes that they made us do, also I've written a lot about the campus. Will post the letter probably today, so you can expect it to be there by monday or tuesday. I really want to thank Vasu di for this letter idea. It has made me write all my thoughts then and there. I can utilise this habbit even in my training!!
Siddharth bhaiya had told me, once you take a decision, don't look back. And this is what is helping me. I have accepted the situation as it is;-). I didn't get a chance, but wanted to thank him for the confidence that he had shown in me. It made me feel that I am worth much more than what I think.
Lastly I would not say 'I would like to thank everyone' but the love and blessings that you all have given me makes me feel special and has pumped up my confidence. Keep loving...

Lots of Love!

Nov 13, 2008

Something I wrote long back , i think it is very raw, wrote it looking at a buiding far away lit up with whitelights with golden lights at base, enjoy

"Fountain of Stars"
I saw a fountain of stars far far away;
Quickly i rubbed my eyes, wanting to keep all dillusions at bay.
I open my eyes with profound joy making way;
Still with that fountain of stars in my sight, far far away.

A trail of gold and diamonds extending both ways;
Are they really treasures or just plain lights emitting rays?
Magical, beyond beauty, imagination , you are i say;
Speechless i stand, you fountain of stars, gazing at your intoxicating sway.

I wish all those whome i would tell you about were here today.
Would they think "Is he crazy"?, well they may.
Reality or figment of imagination, it doesn't matter anyway;
Spellbound i just wanna keep looking at you , you fountain of stars far far away.

Nov 11, 2008


PM: We are sending INDIANS to the moon next year..

BUSH: WOW How many????

PM: 100

35 OBC

25 SC

20 ST

10 Handicaped

5 Sports Persons

4 Kashmiri Migrants
AND IF POSSIBLE......................................................................................................................

(couldnt stop laughing when i read it..!)


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