Oct 24, 2008

Friendship 'Quotes'

I used to enjoy these during my college days followed by Tons of laughter with serious discussions about GRAMMAR (typically of those of our Professors). According to me a very far sighted, english scholar having colourful experience about 'Friendship' has written the following words of wisdom. Happy Reading :-)

Hilarious Friendship

Oct 18, 2008

Utsav Experience

You might think that out of nowhere why am I posting my own age old experience of Utsav. Just that it was required somewhere to be published so thought of sharing with everyone and also when all are writing some or other the thing about their experiences, I thought why not something as good as Utsav, that brought me into AOL. And the memories of first Utsav are still fresh in my head. So enjoy reading...

The Intro Talk

It starts with a few 'student looking' guys n gals coming to our college and asking us to listen to them. 'Aadhe ghante tak pakaega'- this was what I thought when I heard Art of Living ka talk hai. Like any other engineering student, with tons of attitude I walked past them without paying any heed to what they wanted to offer. I'll call it my fortune that my HOD called me and asked me to gather the crowd for the intro talk. 2 minutes later I found myself pulling my juniors for the intro talk for which I myself was finding a way to escape. With knowledge points of AOL yet to come, I couldn't accept the situation and my HOD as they were. But being the senior and of course, a good one, I had to obey him. With much reluctance, I had to sit for the intro talk and unwillingly I was in total acceptance of the situation.

I still remember the first sentence of the speaker, "You guys want to have sheer fun for the next half an hour?". Suddenly there was a shift in the aura, the naughty, restless minds were intrigued as if the talk had something completely opposite to what they had assumed it to be. After the session, many hands went up when asked about registering for Utsav, for some reason only I was destined.

My Tryst with my thoughts

After a hectic schedule of college hours from 8.30am to 3.30pm, I had to rush from andheri to MMRDA grounds for the first day of UTSAV. The thoughts like 'who had told you to register, now suffer'..'Why the hell am I going, do 500Rs. really matter?' kept running in my head. What else do you expect from a budding engineer when issues like assignments, girlfriend, (remember its not girlfriends), submissions, and if you are the president of your technical society then organising events, settling accounts etc. keep eating you bit by bit. After all that chattering and blabbering in my mind, I reached the venue where, as per the stats, around 2000 youths had come. I could see myself amongst the volunteers there because I had experienced what it takes to orgainse such a huge event. So atleast I was not in the clan of people who had complains for things as small as IDs.

And the UTSAV begins

The session started with a very young guy having long hair appearing on the stage. His voice, his gestures, his smile, his actions, everything appeared so full of energy. No doubt he was going to make the 2000 youths realise that they are living a life that is not even remotely defined youthful. Indeed he was Dinesh Ghodke. He started with the instruction...Shake your legs...your hips...your waist...your hands...your shoulders...your head and every possible part of your body...and keep shaking. It left us thinking, 'When was the last time we realised that there are so many parts in our body?' This excersise had left us tired and we realised another interesting thing, we were BREATHING. He claimed this as 'warm ups' and there was something more terrible to come.


We were made to do so many of them that I had vowed of never coming back. The faces who had registered me kept flashing in my mind and with immense generosity I abused each one of them. After all days work, how can they expect us to do this and that too so many?? Every dark night has a bright morning, and finally the suyanamaskars got over and we were truly resting in peace.


Until now there is nothing but lots of sceptisim about this UTSAV thing, which after the yogic sessions had turned into total disinclination. Now appears the main person, who claims to be the teacher of the previous guy. He was more towards the knowledge side and the Irony- He was a parsi, Mr. Khurshed Batliwala (fondly called BAWA). He took over the rest of the session and it was packed with tons of laughter. It was amazing how he could cross the barrier that most of us had and penentrated straight into our minds as if he got into our head and was teasing, 'I know what you are thinking!!!' That was his way through which he reached our hearts.

Sudarshan Kriya

First sudarshan kriya is like your first love, you can never forget it. Words fell short in describing the experience of kriya. The physical effect was that while breathing, I could literally feel the flow of blood in every capillary of my skin. On an emotional and mental level, I would say I felt something truly blissful. It is something that cannot be bound in words or expressions. After the kriya, when you open your eyes, the world is not the same. You'll feel that it has indeed changed, has become so beautiful. The people around you are so lovable, and you have nothing but love for everyone. You forgive and forget the most drastic incidents of your life and you start relishing each and every moment of this blissful experience. You feel a new life within yourself and you are all set to take over the world. Imagine a day ending in such a state. All that you are left with, is confidence to do anything and everything and a state in which you are drenched with smile and cheerfulness.

The journey back home

From Bandra to Kandivali at around 10.30pm with no signs of stress or tension, all I took along with me was the teachings of Bawa and a huge grin that at times turned into a laughter. I kept smiling for reason I still don't know. It was just the transformation that I had undergone, It had shook the dead person in me and I had discovered the most beautiful part of myself which had joy, happiness and love...not only for myself, but for everyone around.

Satsang Redefined

2 more days past and Bawa kept amusing and astonishing us by his facts and figures and the knowledge that reflected his experience. The final day had Vikram Hazra coming for a rocking satsang. He redeifned SATSANGs and made us realise how to get high without booz, pubs and chicks. It was another blissful state where at times, his chords used to struck the 7th level of existence and the people are left in an oblivious state.

An Intimate note to a sincere youth

All in all an experience of a lifetime. I consider myself lucky to be a part of first ever Utsav that transformed lives of so many youths in one go. 4 days is what it takes to change your life. Utsav indeed grooms the youth with values and enables them to realise their full potential and unlock the dynamism that most of the highly appreciated brains of the world lack. If only the youths of India were not blinded by the mundane happenings that claim short term pleasures, India would not take so many years to be a super power.

Oct 17, 2008

JAB WE MET.....!!!


This is not about the sahid and kareena's hit movie.......Its about when i met a real life hero"His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar"...This was the first time when i met "GOD"...

Normally my mornings start with my mum standing on my head and shouting at the top of her voice to wake me up(But all in vain....hehe)..That morning something different happened...My mum was dumbstruck when i was already up before her...!!!! She caught me and checked me if i was having fever...And i plainly smiled and said yes Ma its the "GURUJI" fever that i have got...Mums who are as usual smarter than their kids,she replied like you have an ashram in Banglore why dont you ask Him to make an ashram in Mumbai too....Met my fellow friends at the station and then we started off towards the airport...Each of us had a rose for our beloved GURUJI...Now where was He landing was the query in front of us...Some said he was coming from Orissa some from Bhubneshwar and some Delhi...Well wasnt confusing at all,which terminal to go to, to recieve Him coz that place was already flooded with atleast 300 people..After an anxious wait with baited breath, we got to know that He was going to leave in His car from the other side...The entire sea of devotees ran towards the 2nd exit..There, i saw Him seated in the car and coming towards us...
Struggling through the enormous crowd, i managed to reach HIM....This was when i saw GOD...I was stupefied ,a cold shudder ran through me...I looked into His eyes and HE looked into mine and we looked into each other's.....He stretched out His hand and instead of giving the rose i held His hand...That divine touch was absolutely awesome....i felt as if i was born again, full of purity, love was brimming in me.... Actually words can not describe how i felt...He was then headed for Mahim.....Like how PAPPARAZI followed Anjelina Jolie on her first trip to India...I followed Him too....After relaxing for some time and having His lunch He came to meet us...we were seated in rows facing each other and He walked amongst us, giving us blessings with a garland of mogra...." ब्लेसिंग देने का नया स्टाइल है"was what He said.....Someone asked Him why do we love you so much GURUJI??? He replied "I HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT THAT"....
Its truly said a Guru is a torch bearer in every sense...Be it knowledge or humour....It was then time for Him to leave for Mumbai University where He was lecturing the youth ...before that he asked us "अच्छा बताओ कितने बजे है??"....Needless to mention, i followed him there too....There were many important personalities present there to address the youth...But the hilight of the event was GURUJI talking to the youth....A group of volunteers had made a
YES+ hat for HIM.....His response to that " मुंबई मैं जभी भी आता हूँ तो टोपी पहना देते हो "A day i would never forget till eternity

---------JAI GURUDEVA-------

Oct 9, 2008

The New Experience ! !

Hello everyone !!!!!
A Very Happy Dassera to you .....
I wish as Rama killed Ravana (victory, of truth, of love and of all that qualities that Guruji has, over evil) and celebrated the new beginning of life...you also achieve the power to destroy the negativity and celebrate positivity to the fullest...

Soooo...This is for the #1 time in my whole life i am writing something on my own other than exams !! & not "submissions"..coz.. woh toh sab log copy karte hai :P
So ist a snicere requets to all of yuo to nat to conisdre any sepling mistokse (if any)...as u know now dat i am not a champ in writing stuffs....and i think i should stop trying to be more humble and start to gist you about my experience in our very own Ashram....
As i am a volunteer , people were shocked by my answer 'zero' when they asked me the number of advanced (adv) courses done.. i used to be always like "adv course karne 'Bengaluru' kaun jaayega".... But the surprised faces started getting on to my nerves over a period of time and i finally enrolled for it. It was an ordinary feeling for me...but not for my dear friends. The excitement, the thrill and the enthusiasm which i saw in them really shook me...and so my excitement increased when Dinesh Da wrote that Sept Adv course would be a Bawa Sp adv course...."i am the lucky one !!" when i first read it....and i suddenly started expecting a lot fro mthe Adv course....
i clearly remember that night when i was not able to sleep....it was 20% expectations, 19 % of anxiety, 1% of fear, and 60% happiness of being away from home for more than a week..."wow!!! nobody to question me, no need to answer anybody...."
But as the day arrived to leave, the situation reversed totally..expectations grew upto 95% and 5% of remaining things.....
The journey started off with introduction of 6 lives in a railway coach. Journey was, as thought, full of masti, jokes, parathas and theplas.....and Satsang...
In the evening there was satsang at our berths....we were proud of that..:)
and as it started...we realised(myself and Pooja Shah) we both were leading the Satsang...and just rocked it completely with Z5 songs...
In the night i and MAHARAJ were chatting...and i asked him.."i am confused, what will i get from this course ???" he smiled n said,"u will get whatever is good for...zyada soch mat.." i was confused all the more :)))

Destination Arrived ......

Finally we reached Ashram...it was nothing so great...My first experience (exp) was the same day when we reached...while others were busy doin seva for the Bihar Relief ....i took a time off and made myself comfortable in amphi theatre in front of V.M...i just sat there for a moment and realised dat i was filled with zero thoughts..i even thought hard about something...but the moment it came in, in less than 5 secs it was out....i was just amazed....
During the course, i was almost there with myself.... desperately wanting to understand the meaning of Hollow N Empty...but it just went light years away overhead..
The silence wasnt silent enough as the people were passing chits to each other, whistling, snoring during the break..(:P)...all those "to be" couples were talking through eyes... and an anti social element to top them all....

....it was a New Experience...

We had 3 special long Bawa Sessions..i was lucky to know him a bit more...he was as hilarious as he is, all the time....

The Satsangs in V.M as you know...are out of the world..but this time...we were all the more lucky...we had Harshal Bahiya who was doin the course with us....and so he mesmerised us with his voice every evening...i used to wait for the satsang to happen....here is a pic of the eve, the day the silence was over...i CANNOT forget his Satsangs...

After the course, the thought that i can do more now, was hitting me hard. My dreams got bigger now, my responsibilities got bigger now and therfore i am a changed person now....
Adv course gave me an opportunity to travel to a new place and observe people from various parts of India. It gave me fear, anxiety and what not, that i would have not got otherwise....Not to forget...it gave me Sooo.. many new friends....

I now realise why Vasudha was insisting me to go for the Adv Course and now i understand the surprised looks that i got, the excitement on my colleagues faces when they heard me going for it..
Now, when i ask ppl how many adv courses they have done, even i give them the looks which i used to get, on hearing the number ZERO.... :))

Thanks a tonne Vasudha, Virat and all my friends....You Guys have changed my life.

Best Regards Ever
Kuldeep (DEEP)

Oct 4, 2008

Jai Gurudev! Z5,
Well, with Divine Grace I've finally got initiated into the blogging process :). Thanks Rishabh, Sid, Mamta, Vasu and all those who asked me to write - I do hope I live upto your expectations ;). Just thought I'd dedicate the first writing to one of our favourite teachers - take a guess, and while you're at it I'll go prepare my next one. Luv you all.
Sonia (Anuradha)
The smiling yogi…………. :)

Serene and calm, with a dash of impish charm
A Yogi with a difference, enriching our lives with love’ essence
Twinkling eyes and a smiling face
With his Surya Namaskars, don’t even think of keeping pace!
For they are simply a ballet to him
While for us the prospect may sound grim.

An angel who loves to meditate and dwell on the divine
A teacher transforming lives with celestial shine
A hug from him and out goes pain
A persona so rich that words go vain
A simple human being with an extraordinary hue
I’m sure, by now one needs not a cue

To guess, its our very own Dinesh da, I’m talking about
Just a glimpse of him mesmerises and captivates, have no doubt!
An advance course with him is a journey to bliss
Do it once and you never ‘er wanna give it a miss!

A guide, a mentor for youth today
Lucky are to have him show us the WAY(E)!

Oct 3, 2008

Gandhi Jayanti - The Tree Plantation

The Z5 inaugurated its tree plantation drive in Mumbai and contributed in its small way to the GGP(Go green project).
With the Project Coordinator Sonia Sahu and Volunteers –Hitesh ,Arnav,Mamta,Dhaval,Rishab,Neha,Nihar,Krutika,Siddharth,Sukerti,Shivangi,Ravi,Tejas,Malay,Richa,Virat and myself. And our new yes plus friends Rishika and Rashmi who will be shortly taking the next YES+ course. We together choose to take this 1st step.
When we started we had little idea about how things would turn out .We decided to meet at the “Lakshchandi Heights Society” and go Door to Door, asking the residents to adopt &Plant trees.

The HOME work done before-
1) 350 Laxmi Taru Saplings were supplied by Bankimji (Contact info-Shakti Slide 224,Nigos Building,Cama industrial estate,goregoan(e) tel-26852330) supplier of Laxmi Taru saplings throughout Mumbai. We kept them ready on 1st night for plantation next morning.
2) We coordinated with Abhinidh nursery and they promised us to give us pots and soil required for planting.

*The sapling can be nurtured for a 1-2 years at home and then can be planted in the ground. Taking care becomes easy this way as the plant lives under ones eye.
3) Permission was taken from the society to carry on the activity in the building.

So with everything ready we started at 11am on 2nd oct. We knew little how the response would be, but just like we are “THE VERY COURAGES” we plunged into the deep waters knowing that we have the Magic grace which always works.
And we were amazed by the response. Every door we knocked met us with a smile and also bought at least 1-2 saplings. YAHOOO !!! We were all thrilled

We went around 2 hours in a group of 4 doing door to door and we sold around 80 trees.

By now the heart were full but the STOMACHS Were EMPTY so we headed to our favorite joint RUCHI at royal challenge.
We thought we would take a quick bite and get on to working again BUTTTT the lunch could not have been short. We all know why??As when we meet there are jokes, fun, and laughter.:))))) ..

We moved to the Abhinidh nursery now. It was sunny and HOT but nothing deters the enthusiasm of our seva warriors.
We climbed up a steep hill. The song that Sonia sung was” Suhana safar aur yeh mausam hasi” The mausam was not close to being hasi and the Path Suhana,, NOOOOO ways...

The treacherous path lead us to a nice garden which looked more like a jungle. We planted 5 saplings on the ground here. These are adopted by Abhinav from Abhinidh nursery.

As we prepared to plant, Hitesh dug with a Fauda and with all his muscle power he could dig the 1 feet whole in a few minutes.
And once that was done our keen volunteers almost fought saying ME ME ME ME ..Its me who would plant the sapling.

Krutika and Rishika watered the plant. The water can looked heavier than Krutika.

It was time for a photo shoot YEHHHHH…

And finally the hug to the tree who offers us soooo much asking nothing in return. Just like a mother does.

The Abhinidh nursery bought another 10 saplings bringing our count to 100 :)

There was after sales service to be given now and Hitesh, Nihar,Dhaval and Sonia stayed till late and supplied pots to all those who had ordered them during he day.

Something Interesting happened now...
I heard a loud screem and rushed out to the door where Sonia and Dhaval were filling mud in the pots. Sonia screamed Scorpion Scorpion….There is a scorpion in the Mud,It will bite meeee…I was baffled how could a scorpion make his way here.. And when I probed to find the Scorpion this is what I found

A caterpillar :)))))) We had a BIG Laugh!!

The journey has just begun and we have miles to go and many more trees to plant before the 16th of October when we stand up to pledge our support for the UNMDGs.

"With Busy hands and hearts full as we aim for the sky and spirit soar high,
There is no stopping the warrior of WAYE,as GGP is the call of the day
Global Chilling being the need of the hour come lets plant trees for those lovely showers

Jai Gurudev



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