Jan 20, 2009

2 testimonials waiting to b poured out...

I had just heard stories of ashram and ppl calling it heaven and since i hadn't been there i used to keep my ego up by saying ok some better opportunity is waiting for me to go to the ashram...n so true it was..NEW YEAR's eve (winter break) in d ashram with vikram bhaiya's satsang at his best and bau with his guru puja and guruji just a little less than being physically there...it couldnt hav been better (well of course other than guruji being himself there)...my first advance course,,my first trip to the ashram..everything just 2 good..i was in complete bliss during the silence and satsangs just kpt me floating on air evry evening....train satsangs and overnite satsangs in khodays were so much fun!!

I am so proud to have spent my new year (with each of the hair on my body standing on the end that evening) like this rather than partying sumwer in d pub amidst hair tearing music n drinks...

thank u guruji...thanks virat bhaiya...thanks all my lovely lively rocking frnds with me in this trip...u made it spcl

Jan 15, 2009

New Year Bliss at the Ashram :-)

New Years Eve: comes every year with hundred ways to celebrate them.
While I was in school, they were mostly spent at home, watching interesting programs on TV. At least it felt so at that time ;-) As I grew up, they were spent at friends houses - all of us dressed in our best party gear; checking out each others clothes and dance steps and enjoying the freedom with abandon (away from home at 12.00 p.m was not a regular affair those days) As we graduated and post graduated, the party venues shifted to disco theques or five star hotels dancing with thousands of strangers and spent in drunken (so called) bliss. As the crowds of these venues and the entry fees hit the roofs, our venues shifted to restaurants…having special / intimate dinners with friends and family, not before waiting for hours for clearing of the traffic jams…

How was it this year?? Quite differently idyllic; spent at the Bangalore Art of Living Ashram. Sang melodious bhajans and chanted a blissful Guru Puja at the strike of 12. All spent in silence, surrounded by thousands of dazzling smiles and grateful hearts …was divinely blissful.

Happy New Year to all of u!! Wishing you a peaceful 2009 filled with good health, knowledge, happiness, warmth and cheer :-)

Experiences shared by few Winter break Yes ++ Participants:

"I could actually feel the presence of the Divine in the Vishalaxhi Mandap. The silence process was amazing , it took me on a ride to my Inner Self. I am very happy to have a Guru in my life.The best part was that we met people from different backgrounds and cultures - enjoying and meditating together. The Satvik food was Awesome. My best New Year."


"Silence was beautiful and getting out of silence made me aware of preciousness of that silence. I did not feel like wasting any word insignificantly. There is contentment, Calm, Clarity and unshakable confidence."



"I had been reading about dreams and true purpose in life for a long time but had no clue about mine. I struggled within to find answers but found none. Sometimes life answers our questions in most unexpected ways…and this was it...ART OF LIVING..!!!





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