Feb 18, 2010

Art of Living- The ultimate Spiritual Service provider

The Invisible-visible Connection

Technology used- Sudarshan Kriya

Target customer base- The most confused mammals on planet earth who have been gifted with the ability to breathe in different patterns

Key Network strength- Dedicated satellites (Swamis and Rishis)

Basic plan -

Coverage area- International Roaming (upgradation possible)

Connectivity- Moderate (upgradation possible)

Rentals- Connectivity for a life time only @ Rs.2500.00

Free services-

1) Weekly free refills of long Sudarshan kriya for a life time

2) Top ups- Satsangs and Knowledge sheets

Terms and conditions

1) Daily recharge required - Kriya everyday

2) For stronger signals- Seva and Satsangs

Advanced plan-

Coverage area- Universal access (All Planets)

Connectivity- High (upgradation possible)

SMS- Instant intuitive connection with other instruments

Terms and conditions

1) Recharge- Twice a year for unlimited access

2) For 24*7 signals- 2 hours Sadhana, daily Seva,Weekly satsangs

For instrument upgradation

1) DSN- Increases Battery life

2) Patanjali Yoga Sutras- Makes instrument weather proof

3) Bhakti Sutra-Rings melodies of romance

4) Ashtavakra Geeta- Extra antenna

Rewards for patrons-

1) TTC-Transmission Tower channels

2) Free will-Access to the universal Browser (Source of thoughts)

3) Grace downloads 24*7

New Offer- For 1,00,008 new friends apply for a basic plan (18th march YES+ in Mumbai). Special discounts available.Conditions apply :)

In Service


Your ideas and comments will help in better services:)

Feb 10, 2010


What an unpredictable day!!!!

It all started with usual proceedings

the Same route, Same office, Same colleagues, Same desktop, Same boss and the Same WORK….

That’s when I heard ,Delhi-Gurgaon is gearing up to welcome “The Master “ as he had plans to visit the Capital.

I also heard, a night before he inspired thousands of people in Bhubaneshwar(capital of Orissa) to create a violence free society as this region is badly hit by the anti social activities of Maoists.

He was reaching Delhi airport at 5 pm and It was already 3.00 Pm, when I found myself caught in a state of confusion, to go to receive him or not???

It was 3.10 pm & I gave it a second thought. By 3.17 pm I had already made the arrangements to leave the office early to meet HIM. My roomy (Ish) and myself, reached the airport just in time.

We decided to follow him on the bike.(More popularly in Art of living this is called Guru chasing)I had often heard interesting stories of Guru chasing but personally never got an opportunity to do so.

So here we were , following him….

I was admiring HIM more than HER…

HER over here means “The Epitome Of Luxury On Wheels – BMW” in which he was traveling. :)

With the Master waving at you at regular intervals of time, It felt like the most Fulfilling ride ever.

He had a conference to attend, directly after landing, at Nehru Museum which is near India Gate. It was WOSY’s(World Organisation Of Students and Youth) 25th year and they had invited him as a speaker. Youth from all over the world had gathered to attend it. Guruji gave a brilliant talk on how every religion has similar principles and are parallel. He emphasized, youth must take active roles in politics and lead it with Spiritual values, so that the World is a better place to live in.

My learning of the day started when we left from the conference to reach the place where he was staying for the night. This event was an eye opener for me, though many of you might have experienced this before.

I was literally seeing the love people flow for Guruji, specially how explicitly they express it. I was observing how one can loose his complete awareness when he is around. Youth would just not leave him alone, including myself, :P.

There were other youth who were following him in their cars and they got out to meet him at every traffic signal, including the small halts due to traffic on the road. Because of this other cars lined up and honked and honked and honked and created Noise Pollution. Such craziness I had never seen before…:P

Soon we reached the destination where a mob was waiting to greet him. People surrounded him right from the exit of the car to the entry of the house. Even after he disappeared from the sight, the satvik hangover remained.
Devotees kept chatting amongst themselves and stayed there to have one more glimpse of the master. And their prayers were answered as he gave Darshan again. He also sent Prasad for those who were waiting outside for him (my mouth still waters when I remember the “Garam Garam Gajar Ka Halwa” that was served to us)

While all these events happened…I did observe him…He was just so very calm, as if nothing on this planet could bother him. And at the same time he was so very caring also.

In the physical presence of Guruji, I have learnt a lot today…

While people were meeting and greeting him in an Indian style, I was being constantly hit by the words of Dinesh Da and Bawa, which they said during the Winter Break 09. “It is never the PUSH, but the PULL that works with the Master. The Love of yours has the power to PULL HIM towards you. Therefore we need to be in control of ourselves and not misbehave when he arrives.”

Its been a little while that I am associated with the A.O.L. foundation and its my observation that whenever I have seen the photographs or heard stories of Guruji visiting the West & meeting all Devotees, the Devotees are really really Disciplined.

The words DISCIPLE and DISCIPLINE are synonymous. Disciple is the one who practices Discipline every moment. Being in discipline would surely ensure that our Master is not tortured, physically. Not only when the Master is around, but when practiced in all walks of life, he/she will be differentiated from the rest of the world.

The famous Pareto’s Principle of 80-20 applies here also. It is always 20% of the crowd who create 80% of the chaos.
My question to you is, during the chaos what should the rest of 80% do ?

As Rashmin puts it, IT IS the responsibility of 80% to bring back the peace and control to those 20%. Technically & practically, it is really very simple to do it.

Once we start coinciding these two words DISCIPLE and DISCIPLINE, then I think the whole experience of meeting Guruji would, altogether, be at a different level.

Don’t you think so….?

Jai GuruDev!!!

Missing You All…


P.S- I am totally charged up to work for the mega project of “Meri Dilli, Meri Yamuna” which would include 100000 people (over here also, :P).


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