Aug 10, 2010

The Power of the MIND

If you think "its" possible, You are Right.
And If you think "it" isn't, Even then you are Right
The Power of the Mind can make anything possible or Impossible.

To most of us the words above are not just words but an experience at some point or the other in life. Isn't it? Just close your eyes for a moment and look back, at some point or the other in life you for sure have surprised yourself by what you achieved.Something that your experience said is impossible for you to achieve...

I will tell you a short story from my own life.
I was in my 7th standard then and was an average student. But I was damn scared of Maths. It was like a torture for me to even open the book and do my homework. I would procrastinate till the last minute to complete my math studies. Till the moment when, if now I didn't put some efforts, another red line would come in the report card.
A terrible thing about the Red line in the report card was it gave your enemies one more chance to mock at you. Which was the worse feeling a teenager can go through.
The one whom I considered my greatest enemy at that time was my cousin brother who had this awefull expertise in making others feel lower than him. We had had several exchanges including some outrageous ones because of which we maintained a healthy distance between each other.

One day I was sitting on the swing and as usual he decided to irritate me with his words.The exchange of words led us to a point where we were ready to bet lives to prove who was superior.
And then the challenge was thrown at me, If you out beat me at Maths in the 8th standard I will consider you more intelligent than me, he said. Without even weighing the possibility of a victory I just accepted the challenge to win the war at that moment.

What!!!! What did I accept, 80% or more in Maths in the 8th standard. My GOD!!!!! To someone whom the sight of this subject could create distress, scoring 80%, was like climbing Mount Everest without warm clothes or skydiving without parachute or reaching moon without a space ship.......
But the challenge was taken and there was no way that I could let HIM Win.It was like mater of life and death for me.
So I started studying.Studying morning, studying noon, studying evening, studying night, I gave myself no choice. I decided I had to do it! My parents were is a state of constant wonder seeing me studying so hard.As the drastic change was completely unexpected by them.
The whole year I studied,like engineers do just before there exams, taking no rest at all. What drove me i think was the firm decision that I had made to reach there.
And the exams came and the paper went good. But I was not sure and was waiting for the results desperately.......
I scored nothing less than 99% in Maths that year:) :) :)
WOW! I could do it. It was the greatest feeling ever for me .Everyone around me was equally surprised and I gained a new respect in the eyes of all. Also I experienced a new confidence in myself that If i decide I can achieve anything.

I am sure we all have had experiences like this in life. But what stops us often in life is our memory. Memory which has this weird habit of sticking to the negative. As, if we let that one excellent experience govern our life, every moment would bring a new possibility for us.

As kids we were gifted. As we had a short memory. We tried to walk and fell,got hurt, cried and yelled. Then forgot..And again walked, and this continued till we learned to walk.

But while growing up we kept accumulating the impressions in our memory,and the memory kept governing our present. With the result the goals that we set for ourselves of reaching the moon,being in the air-force etc looked like a distant reality. And we settled with being an engineer and working for Infosys.

This is where the Art of living course helped me. Practicing the Kriya over the years cleared a lot of clutter in the memory. And new possibilities emerged in me. The MIND said yes and the memory did not obstruct my way any longer.

Today when I saw this video ,the power of the MIND came alive in front of my eyes.
(Must watch****)

If you think its possible, You are Right
and If you think it isn't, Even then you are Right
The Power of the Mind can make anything possible or Impossible.

I would like our readers to share some of there inspiring life stories on the blog. It may help the mind to open up to newer possibilities:)


This video sent by Jainil , inspired me to write this article.


Jainil Khandelwal said...
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Jainil Khandelwal said...

Didi was giving me the credit for the making of this article, but i just had such a limited role here...

I sent this video to over a 50 ppl on mail, posted on facebook also, but it was only our Supercool VJ who could add so much more life into it by this article!!

I mean its like Guruji telling Bau 4 yrs back that do something for youth, they could'v taken a couple of courses in Mumbai/Delhi n come back proudly, but no... We all know where WAYE has reached today, and its all because of his POWER OF MIND.

Hats of to Didi for such an inspiring explanation of the video which makes it not just merely a video to get exclamed from, but a channel to learn from!!!

The Examples she has used are so witty and innovative, :D like Mount Everest/Skydiving (After her taking the Challenge ;).. and also the example of kid learning to walk, so beautifully explains the difference in our attitude because of memory..

Simply Outstanding!! Proud to have Powerful Minds like Guruji, BnD & VnV in my life!!!! :)


Virat said...

Briiliant video!

and a very inspiring story by Vasu!
99% in maths is superb VJ!! :)


Mamta... said...

Wat a Video...
@VJ.....very nicce post and inspiring too

Jinal Goradia said...

amazing video....juz blew mah mind!!!!!!!!!!Didi really very inspiring story....(inspired me to study seriously for engg)

i have sumthin to share under d same lines!!!!
i remember i scored 7/50 in maths test in d month of jan..i had mah boards in feb..i really worked day n nite n scored 99/100 in boards!!!!


Anonymous said...

"The whole year I studied,like engineers do just before there exams, taking no rest at all. What drove me i think was the firm decision that I had made to reach there."

The above lines show that u gave your 100% to acheive impossible.

Great Combination of Story + Video


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