Jul 12, 2010

Summer Magic & The Dude of the Month!

Its The (Summer) Magic of YES!+

It was something definitely beyond the intellect, but not beyond the memory, because it’s going to stay in the consciousness of the participants for the rest of their life. But saying this much will not do justice to the 9 day long affair that over 2000 youth had. If you are a Summer Magic grad, this will be a memorabilia for you. But if you are not, you are going to need a lot of knowledge to come out of regret and to stick to the present moment :P

Bawa’s unrealistic target, Virat Bhaiya’s stupendous conviction and Akhil’s rock-solid ground work – All this together got a strong crowd of over 130 people for Summer Magic from our zone alone!!

19th June – For most of us, this morning was special for more than one reason.
- It was the day for us to leave for the ashram
- It was the last exam for the Engineers :) …
…and for some reason, while writing the exam, most of the engineers had exceptionally more faith in Guruji on this particular day. Let their result tell the rest of the tale…

Train Journey-
4 compartments, packed with Summer Magic participants for over 24 hours with games, music, masti, locomotive kriya and lots of food!! It was 24 hours of nonstop fun! And with YES!+ people around, how can one miss our super rocking satsang. Amidst a lot of chaos and commotion, the minds of so many people were brought to a sudden halt by the meditative songs. The journey was a memorable experience, not only for us, but also for the co-passengers :P

With small glitches here and there, we finally reached ashram on the 20th night.

Monday morning Rudra Pooja by Guruji awaited to greet all of us.
Ashram tour couldn’t have a better start than this!!

22nd June, 6 AM – Morning Sadhna had participants dancing on Zoobie Doobie song followed with Padmasadhna and kriya. BnD had planned a series of surprises for all of us. Through out the day we were kept busy either by some crazy fun filled activity or some equally crazy speaker.

Those visiting ashram for the first time couldn’t resist the enchanting greenery in and around the ashram.

The superhit musical- Anand & Benifer was presented again in front of the entire ashram crowd. This time, it had a few modifications in the roles, but was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

24th June – Another surprise awaited us, The Upgrade -2. With superb creativity, the WAYE office had put up a great puzzle for the 2000 participants. The entire show was spread all across the ashram and we had to run from one corner of the ashram to the other to find a small but crucial clue. Endurance, Acceptance, Intelligence, Reconnaissance ….all of them were tested in one go. It did take away a lot of energy, but not enough to rob away our smiles!!

Advance Course- 25th June - It was a Dinesh Ghodke show from now on. From morning sadhna and creative warm-ups to the deepest experience in meditation, everything was made effortless by his magical presence.
First day had one of the sessions conducted by the legendry Rajrshi Patel, BnD’s teacher. For few of us, her session was beyond comprehension and for others it was a magical experience that left them awestruck.

Silence inside, Silence outside- The energy of 2000 youth clearly dominated the entire ashram but as the silence started, all the energy was contained, nourished and purified for the next 2 days. 2000 minds were shut and every one of them experienced the power of silence. It made us super aware and not only could we notice a minute disturbance outside, but could also address to the small voice inside, that often went unheard.

Like Rajshri had told, shove deeper within yourself and go as much deep as you can while you are in silence. All of us, especially the first timers kept a very good silence.

Guruji’s meet- The silence was cut short because Guruji was going to meet everyone on the 3rd day. Rudra Pooja in the morning increased the longing to meet Him. A day before, Bawa had given instructions on how to behave when Guruji is around. It must be the silence that made 2000 people wait with utmost sincerity and discipline. Guruji met each and every one of us, blessed us with his naughty smile, twinkling eyes and a rose (which he used as a prop).

Opposite values are complementary- The joy of speech was even more delighting when it came after a long silence. After experiencing inner and outer silence for more than 48 hours, each one of us had so much to share and talk about. And we realized that the pleasure of speech can only be experienced by the one who has experienced the pleasure of silence.
Conclusion – The advance course had different take aways for different people. It bestowed the highest knowledge, answered some long pending questions, took away some botherations…but most importantly, it made us visit the most beautiful part on this planet…that which is INside Us!!

The ashram rule – You can bring all your problems to the ashram, but you cannot take them back with you.
The smiles and the glowing faces of the participants was enough to prove that this rule was followed by everyone of us.

2 reasons why gals couldn’t meditate properly throughout the Summer Magic….

Virat Chirania (yes…our very own Virat bhaiya) and Avinash Tikku (A dynamic YES!+ teacher from Delhi)were the stars of Summer Magic who took the responsibility of controlling the huge crowd on many occasions…In the process, they made fans from all across the country. Only regret…before anything else, the gals would first address them as BHAIYA (Damn the AOL protocol) :P

For those who missed it, we can sing this for you…

“Here comes the Sun, Here comes the Sun…
And I say…it’s all right(there’s always a next time) ;) ”

Dude of the month!

This month’s Dude of the month was undoubtedly Mr. Akhil Patel. Everyone knows his involvement in handling the accounts and registrations of Summer Magic. From following up with everyone for the payment to handling the entire cash, Akhil has truly served us with a smile.

Here is what Virat Bhaiya wants to say about Akhil : -
“Akhil did a marvelous job with Summer Magic coordination! One thing I realized was that throughout the process of coordinating SM, I spoke to him a million times (He was on my speed dial!) - and not once did he say No for anything!! He was 100% in the YES consciousness! And I was really really happy with the way his birthday unfolded!! Our home-grown snooker champ is truly the dude (or should we say Dudette (remember Anand and Benaifer) of the month! :)”

We leave you with the following picture of Akhil as the 'Gay Daku'...Please stay assured that Akhil has come out of his role ;)

Jai Gurudev!

In Service,
Rishabh K.



mihir said...

Every time you enter ashram you have a magical experience. Summer Magic was indeed a experience in itself. Again our team as always has done a marvelous job. And the moment of pride comes when people all across India ask " Hey you Work wit VnV ? " :) we have loads to learn from you guys !! :). Akhil i am superr happy for you :) the way you've handled Summer Magic is phenomenal.

sukeerti said...

Kumawat vry well written....


Jinal Goradia said...

akhil u really did a fantastic job!!!
we were so proud to introduce ourselves as VnV volunteers(courtesy akhil n virat bhaiyya)!!
akhil u r seriously GENIIUSSS!!!!

sukeerti said...

n sum outtttstandinggggggggg work done by Mr. Akhil Patel:)


Deep said...

too cool....Akhil's work is really very impressive/.....
and of course...i missed Rajshri Patel's session....lukin forward to it next time....

Jainil Khandelwal said...

very well written Rishabh... :)
Keep it up Akhil, hats off to u mahn... u had 2 do urs n my work as well... I'm sure u had a superb growth in this last month :D
really missed the Summer Magic!!

Akhil said...

"Summer Magic 2010!"
One of the best things happened to me recently!
From Coordination to sitting on this course everything was just an Awesome Experience :)

As far as Coordination is concerened, i think when u get an opportunity like this u cannot measure ur ability in handling things but what u get is a beautiful experience to observe and feel 'grace' everywhere around u! when u are nearly responsible for over 120 ppl u can only work in a state of surrender! Trust me!
Many a times there were situations where i was feeling really helpless but there was no time when i was not feeling grateful or even losing a bit of faith! & it feels so amazing to observe this! :)

And as far as Summer Magic is concerned i was not going to do it
bcuz i thought after 2 winter breaks i was now matured enough to do a part-2 course :) but i'm so thankful that it did not happen! :)
Even after some missed processes i think it was a perfect advance course!
For me the top-3 take aways from this course would be:
1. Meeting Guruji on my bday & getting a peda & pendant from Him :)
2. Rajshree patel's session
3. Experiencing the Anand & Benaifer play!

Jai Gurudev :)

admin said...

Very nicely written...

Bohemian said...

Hey RK,

Very well written indeed! Good insights! Just the right dose of humour too :)

....and Akhil "Keep Up The Magic"

Lots of luv n the best of wishes to all!


jhalak said...

wow!!!!!!!! the smile is like fevicol ka joad.....
:) rishab superbly written :) akhil is a person to be with...... i am soo glad to be his companion on this BEAUTIFUL PATH and learn so much with equal amnt of fun ...... bass kuch saal ki baat he fir to akhil will be akhil BHAIYA... soo lets make the most of it rite now ;) love:) jgd

Mamta... said...

Firstly @ the Dude of the Month...Mr Patel as i call him.... is super amazing and and a real Dude.His committment is smething to learn from.
SUMMER MAGIC...As the name states...it was magical.
I stayed back for summer magic thinking of doing summer magic and being around.It was a diff experience for me.Cooking for Bawa all the days.An experience and learning by itself being offcailly incharge of his kitchen for sme days.Not easy but fun guaranteed .In between i managed to take glimpses of Summer Magic.Not missing much though,
Rajashri Patel talk was Brightest part of this Summer Magic .
And ofcourse..How can you expereince Magic of Summers without the SUN...And our SUN ,MOON everything being GURUJI.I still remenber how he greeted 2000 Youth in Yagya Shala..HIS words were...You are the Face of india,.I would like to add..GURUJI ...YOU are the heart and soul of those faces.LOVE YOU LOADS!!!!
For People who coudnt taste the magical heat of Summer Magic..be there and get iced during Winter Break


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