May 27, 2010

The Relevance of Geetha in my life…chapter-6, part 2.

Today is Buddha Poornima. Guruji said on this very day Buddha was born, he attained enlightenment and took Samadhi.It being such an auspicious day I thought its nice to ponder our minds over knowledge.(God knows, it may be our turn:))
Infact every single moment of life is an opportunity to learn and express that which we have learned, isn't it...

Para 3

Sanskrit :

English Book translation-To the contemplative soul who desires to attain Karmayoga, selfless action is said to be the means;for the same man when he is established in Yoga, absence of all 'Sankalpas' is said to be the way to blessedness

Para 4
Sanskrit :

English Book translation-When a man ceases to have any attachment for the objects of senses and for actions, and has renounced all ' Sankalpas', he is said to have attained Yoga.

Guruji says-For the one for whom the journey on the spiritual path has just begun ,effort is the way. For example- If I have to take a train ,I have to go to the station,buy a ticket, and sit in the right seat. This much action is needed.But once on the seat you need to relax. knowing that the train will take you there. But generally people either do nothing or they dont relax. Like people who do rosary day and night. After the stepping stone you need to let go. Effort is required to do Pranayam and then effortlessly meditation happens. Love and Happiness is given as a gift to you.Its a gift for the merits you have earned.Merits are earned through good gestures. Charity has been a part of our tradition.

We are fortunate to be provided with so many opportunities to serve in the art of living. And its our experience that the meditation becomes so much deeper when seva is done isn't it:)

Para 5,

Sanskrit :

English Book translation-One should lift oneself by one's own efforts and should not degrade oneself; for one's own self is one's friend,and one's own self is one's enemy.


Sanskrit :

English Book translation- One's own self is the friend of the soul by whom the lower self (consisting mind ,senses and body)has been conquered;even so the very self of him, who has not conquered his lower self, behaves antagonistically like an enemy.


Sanskrit :

English Book translation- The supreme Spirit is rooted in the knowledge of the self- controlled man whose mind is perfectly serene in the midst of pairs of opposites,such as cold and heat, joy and sorrow,and honour and ignominy.

Guruji says-Whether your mind acts as a friend or an enemy ,it reflects how your life is moving.Work on your own mind so that it becomes your friend ,unwavering. If mind is bombarded with multiple impressions it becomes your enemy.Depression is one such case.
On the poornima days(full moon), I have observed that the mind can be more restless than other days.Have you observed this too? And instead of blaming myself or others for the conflicting situation that may arise,I am being able to witness the play,knowing that its the moons effect on the mind and no ones fault.Now the mind does not go on a blaming trip,either blaming myself or others .
Guruji has given us the three fold path 'Seva', 'Sadhana' ,'Satsang' to be able to befriend the mind.Reminds me of the title of the movie "Taming the dragon" Even a dragon can be tamed with effort this is only our mind:)

Guruji says- Around 50% of the population is said to be depressed in the world.This is alarming . We are simply moving outwards.Its the mind which perceives through the senses.Inward journey is Yoga outward is Bhoga. Unless inward journey is taken you cannot even enjoy the outer. Nothing appeals to you. When union with inner being happens, mind becomes your friend, otherwise it can be your greatest enemy. "Save the mind at any cost" is the message of Bhagvad Geetha. If the water is still reflection can be seen. In that mind the universal mind reflects. And because you are anchored within, 'the opposite do not touch you'.

Wow! That's quite a statement Opposite do not touch you.One is centered no matter how good or bad the situation may be.And that possibility is within each one of us. Like Guruji says, only the husk has to be removed from the paddy,the rice is already there. My question to Guruji will be how much more husk is there to be removed :) ???

Guruji with Art excel kids at Arosa. YES!! that is Shashwat in the center ,the youngest art excel student in his class:)

How does he manage to look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Good in every headgear???

Our dear teachers BnD

Quiz time!!
The 1st picture of the moon at the top of this post. Where has that picture been taken from? The 1st answer with most details will win a surprise gift!!



Akhil said...

Rising in bliss with yet another piece of beautiful knowledge :)

The pic has been taken from Krishna hall, a very beautiful meditation hall in Arosa, a city which can be best described as Heaven! :) Also the pic was taken in such a blissful state that its even reflecting in d picture :) I'm sure the person who took d pic must have gone in automatic silence after looking at d picture for a while! :)
Well, I think the photographer is close to enlightenment :) :) :)

Unknown said...

wow , the fact about Moon affecting our minds even more on Poornima days is very refreshing ..... such knowledge will help us aplying the knowledge point of accept situations and people as they are with ease ............

Akhil said...

"Save the mind at any cost" is the message of Bhagvad Geetha. If the water is still, reflection can be seen! -- wow! My eyes and mind got stuck on this Statement!!

Siddharth Shukla said...

Something beautiful that rishi vidhyadharji said on my blessings course.A bhogi keeps getting hundreads of desires every day, a yogi gets a desire once in 50 days and a bhakt stops desiring cauz he knows whatever his lord will do will be for the best :):):).

Dear VJ this post is lovely, and the commenty in orange font :)is particularly good.It is always a delight, when u expound the knowledge from your simple point of view.

Loads of luv

Jainil Khandelwal said...

oh my God! My eyes were big popped out while reading this entire post!! So true like Akhil mentioned statements like If the water is still, reflection can be seen, if you are anchored, the opposites cant touch u!, the higher mind conquering the lower mind!, and so on..are just so amazing eye openers!!
Waiting for more..i'm lovin it! :)

Jainil Khandelwal said...

Well sorry wrong words used..not the higher mind conquering the lower mind but its the higher self conquering the lower self! ;)

"Inward journey is yoga, outward is bhoga! aaho!! :) :)

Rishabh said...

Rishiji's message in our blessing course "Nirsankalpa sukhi bhava" - Only when there is no desire, can you attain happiness.

Now we know where it comes from ;)

jwenish said...

same wat akhil said :P ...and ya..pic has been clicked between 10am - 4 pm...

Unknown said...

same wat akhil said :P ...and ya..pic has been clicked between 10am - 4 pm...

Mamta Pandya said...

At VJ: Being your presence has defined the relevevance of knowledge in my life.Your are a true Yogi .....glimpses of which i get every little time i am around you.
Also ..After being for Ashtavakra thing is established in me......Knowledge completes everthing and every experience.Even more ....when grace in form of words manifests in Divine Presence.
THANK YOU for sharing all this with us
(PS:This inspires me to complte my post on Ashtavakra Gita which is long pending)


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