Sep 10, 2012

Grow Within!

As a kid I always admired a certain set of people. Abdul Kalam, mother Teresa, Albert Einstien etc. Something about them felt so right. I wanted to be ‘like them’. Even in the film industry I would love Kajol. I would spend hours looking at myself in the mirror making myself look the way she does. But did that make me akin to her? Ofcourse, No!

I wanted to be like them. I wanted to posses ‘that something’ that they had which I didn’t. I would recognize it, but I didn’t know how to get that ‘something’ in me. Nevertheless I grew up with different and more things to occupy me. And this game of ‘copying-other-peopl took a seat back.
In years to come, a secret revealed. Do you really want to know this secret? It’s very very precious! So along with this secret, a promise comes to live this, every moment. I finally found that Missing ‘Something’ J
The thing that was attractive about them, was the virtues (formless) but to my naked eye it was the person comprising it (the form). I got attached to the form & left the formless. I tried copying their lifestyles, their behavior, the way they talk, they way they act and so on.. but that didn’t make me acquire their innocence, humbleness, simplicity, intelligence, passion, confidence..
So now when this secret is revealed, another secret is, where & how do these virtues grow? Ummm…Lets see.
Have you seen a tree? Have you seen the flowers on them? The fruits on them? How do you think they grow? If we want the tree to be sturdy, beautiful, fruit & flower bearing, what do we do? Aha! Yes I know you got it ;)

We treat the roots. The deeper the roots, the stronger & fuller the tree. The stronger the roots, the more shade it can offer. When the roots are deep, the branches grow wider & higher. Just like that, the deeper you dive within, the more virtues come to you. J
As rightly my teacher vasudha jhunjhunwala shares, “The apple, if made to shine from outside will it make the apple sweeter, tastier? No. what gives the apple its value is what it has inside”
And now when you give attention to that ‘Inside’ the shine that shows on you is irreplaceable, unmatchable! Then the only person left to copy & be is- YourSELF! It’s the easiest & the most lovable person to be, full of virtues. J

Toh mummy ko bolo complan ke saath, Meditation bhi deno ko. It makes you taller, sharper, stronger and much much more ;)
Have a ‘Wonder-full Insight’ this week J
Be authentic.
Jai gurudev.

- Lavita Singhania.


Jainil Khandelwal said...

Wow!! Very beautiful knowledge and really beautifully written! :D The Complan wala line was absolutely LOL! :D

Pankaj Bhageria said...

so authentic :)

Pankaj Bhageria said...

very authentic!

sanchit goel said...

Amazingly written.. Keep the work going Lavita :)

sanchit goel said...

Amazingly written.. Keep the work going Lavita :)

neha kothari said...

Superb lavi! We both share same ppl as our inspiration. U gave words to my thoughts.


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