Sep 5, 2010

Goodbye Blogger

Dear All,

We had started this blog on 28th August, 2008 with a Janmashtmi special post. As our dear teachers, Virat & Vasudha scaled new heights with ever growing YES!+ team, this blog also gained popularity and within a year we were on Bawa's blogroll - An honourable achievement!

This monday, i.e. 6th September, 2010 we will be launching our Wordpress blog. And the most amazing fact is, the first post here will be again about Janmashtmi with VnV!!
The VnV team proudly announces the official migration from Blogger to Wordpress!
Until now, our blog was an independant link on the World wide web. Now we will be a part of YES!+ blogs from all across the country.
All the YES!+ blogs now have a common link -
Our Wordpress blog will have the following link -
From tomorrow, this will be our new address. This post shall remain the last post on blogger.

The VnV team sincerely thanks all those who have appreciated and contributed in our efforts to make this blog what it is. Special thanks to the 125 followers who gave us the opportunity to deliver the best write ups and experiences. We seek your unconditional support and blessings in the new endevaour.

With Immense Gratitude,

In Service,
(VnV Team)

1 comment:

Deep said...

This is cool Rishabh....Apart from our blog scaling new heights consistently...
i have always loved ur it on Utsav experience or the tooth pain or the official Goodbye letter to the Blogger..
excited to see our blog on a new address...


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